The University of Texas Electronic Music Studios
Studio Rules, Policies, and Guidelines

Use of these studios is restricted to approved School of Music faculty, official guests, and students working on projects for courses in electronic music. Use of these studios for any other purpose without permission of the UTEMS Director or staff will result in loss of privileges.


All students currently enrolled in UTEMS courses will be given an access code to the studio(s) they have permission to use. This code will automatically expire at the end of each semester. To obtain an access code, you must:

  • Be currently enrolled in an electronic music course, or private electronic composition lessons
  • Agree to abide by the  rules and procedures outlined below.
  • Contact a member of the UTEMS staff, who will generate the code for you.


  • Always sign the logbook at the beginning and end of your sessions.
  • Never give out your personal access code to anyone else. (See note below.)
  • Never remove equipment or manuals from any studio without prior authorization.
  • Sign out anything that you do remove in the log; sign it back in when you return it.
  • Please adhere to the schedule. Come on time. Leave on time.
  • Clean up after yourself. Return everything to the way you found it.
  • Don’t attempt to re-calibrate or repair equipment yourselves (note problems in log).
  • Don’t download or install any software on EMS computers. Besides the risk of introducing viruses, installing software often has undesirable side effects that can prevent our critical applications from functioning properly. Please let the UTEMS staff handle all system maintenance and configuration.
  • No food or drinks in the studio.
  • No smoking.
  • No guests without prior permission.


  1. You are personally responsible for the safety of the  studio and its equipment whenever you use it. Never allow anyone to use these facilities who does not have official permission to do so. Do not leave the door unlocked or ajar and do make sure that the door is firmly closed behind you when you exit the room, even temporarily. If you have any difficulties with getting in or locking up, contact the building monitor for help.
  1. It should not be necessary to say that we are all dependent on each other here — no amount of security precautions can suffice to protect us from members of our own user community who are either careless or unscrupulous. We have no insurance on any of this equipment or software and we have a very limited budget that must cover repairs and replacements, as well as new acquisitions. We rely on the “honor system” and it has worked pretty well so far; let’s keep it that way.

Thanks for your cooperation.

The UTEMS Staff