MUS 329J – Introduction to Computer Music

This is the main page of the Intro to Computer Music Course (MUS 329J) for the Fall Semester, 2016 – unique number 21705.

Meeting Times: Tue/Thu 2:00 – 3:30 P.M. in MRH 4.170


Instructor: Dr. Russell Pinkston, Professor of Composition, Director Electronic Music Studios

Office Hour: Tue/Thu 3:30 – 4:00 in MRH 4.156 (471-0865)



Teaching Assistant: Ryan Laney

Office Hours: TBA in MRH 4.170 (EMS II)



This class is an introduction to SuperCollider, a powerful computer music programming language originally developed by James McCartney and now maintained and supported by an international group of users. It is free, open source, and versions are available for Mac, Windows, and Unix systems. I will use it as a vehicle for teaching the theory and implementation of a variety of synthesis, processing, and music generation techniques, including classic additive, subtractive, and sample-based synthesis, distortion synthesis, digital delays and delay-based effects, granular synthesis, convolution, physical models, etc. The course begins with a review of the principles of digital audio and an introduction to the SuperCollider programming language, and then proceeds methodically through the topics listed above. There will be a series of homework assignments, an occasional quiz, and a midterm exam. The final exam will consist of a set of take home programming problems, as well as creative final project, both of which are due for submission and presentation during the official final exam period.

The syllabus and all class materials are posted on Canvas.