MUS 329F, 388E, and 388G – Independent Projects

This is the main page for MUS 329F, MUS 388E, and MUS 388G

Hours to be arranged at the start of each semester

General Syllabus

Note: New studio hours are assigned at the beginning of each semester; please fill out and hand in a schedule as soon as possible.


  • Dr. Christopher Trapani, Visiting Assistant Professor


You are responsible for backing up your own sounds and other data and for bringing your own supplies to the studios, including external storage media. Please don’t remove anything from these studios without explicit permission from a member of the Electronic Music Center staff!

Online articles (from The Language of Electroacoustic Music, Simon Emmerson, Ed. (Harwood: New York, 1986, out of print):


Satisfactory progress on an electronic media project, topic to be determined in consultation with the instructor. For MUS388E – Electronic Composition, this is a new piece of electroacoustic music; for MUS388G – Electronic Media Projects and MUS329F, this is usually a new piece, but other media projects will be considered.


25% — “class participation.”  All students are required to attend the Advanced Electronic Composition Seminar on a regular basis. Everyone is expected to bring in samples of their work-in-progress, from time to time, and to participate in the class discussions.  Each student must make at least three presentations during the course of the semester.  There is a sign-up sheet on the inside of the Studio II door.

15% — Midterm progress report.  In the case of a composition, this consists of a rough mix of the piece-as-it-stands, which must be played in the Seminar at midterm and handed in after class. For non-composition projects, the nature of the progress report and final project format will be decided at the beginning of the term.

60% — Completed Term Project. For MUS388E, Grad Electronic Composition, this is usually expected to be a finished piece of at least 6-8 minutes duration.  For MUS329F, 3-5 minutes is an acceptable minimum.  Compositions should be turned in on CD or DVD. Projects are due on the last class session, at which time it will be played along with other student pieces in a mini-concert.

Note (Grad Students Only):The extent of your independence in these courses is essentially up to you. However, it is strongly recommended that you schedule at least one meeting with me every two or three weeks. If you do want a regular private meeting time, please so indicate on your schedule request form.