MUS 329E – Introduction to Electronic Media

This is the main page for the Introduction to Electronic Media Course (MUS 329E) for the Fall Semester, 2019 – unique number 22085.

Meeting Time: Tue/Thu 3:30 – 5:00 in MRH 3.124

Instructor: Nathan Nokes
email: nathan.nokes AT
Office Hours: by appointment
Phone: 360-607-0482


MUS329E is the first class of a year-long sequence dedicated to the study of electroacoustic music. The second, MUS 329G is offered in the spring. MUS 329E examines the technology, techniques, and history of creating, understanding and listening to electroacoustic music. The course aims to provide not only a functional and practical understanding of the creation of electroacoustic music but also enable students to make artistic choices during the creation process. Students will develop an understanding for working in an electronic studio environment through the courses assignments, lectures and demonstrations. Topics include principles of sound and acoustics, sound reproduction, principles of analog/digital audio, mixing and signal flow, synthesis, sampling, MIDI, DAW-based composition and workflow, the evolution of electroacoustic music studio technology, and a historical survey of notable electroacoustic composers and their work.

By the end of this course, students will:
• Have a knowledge of technology and techniques used in electroacoustic music
• Develop intermediate skills with software such as DAW and VSTs
• Gain experience working with hardware, such as controllers, microphones, mixers, audio interfaces etc.
• Develop a critical ear for electroacoustic techniques when listening to music.
• Cultivate an understanding to talk and write about music and technology.
• Develop an artistic mindset to produce meaningful electroacoustic music.

The syllabus and all class materials are posted on Canvas.