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Russell Pinkston

Choreotrope by Samantha Krukowski

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The University of Texas at Austin Electronic Music Studios are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 2016 LaTex festival on November 4-5 in Jessen Auditorium. For more information please check out the LaTex 2016 page on our site.

The University of Texas at Austin’s Electronic Music Studios (UTEMS) are among the most extensive and technologically advanced of any university in the country. Works created by UT faculty and student composers have been performed at important conferences and festivals all over the world, including the International Computer Music Conference, ISCM, SEAMUS and SCI Conferences, and the Bourges Concours International de Musique Electronique. They have also been recorded on Centaur, CRI, Folkways, and other well-known contemporary music labels, and included on CDs produced by the International Computer Music Association and the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS). UT composition students concentrating in electronic music have won 9 Fulbright fellowships, 6 Bourges prizes, 14 ASCAP/SEAMUS student awards, and 3 Luigi Russolo Prizes, among other prestigious awards. Over thirty recent graduates of the UT composition degree programs now hold full-time teaching positions involving electronic music.